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Class Number: 101

Class Title: Mr. & Mrs. Freeze

Designed By: Margaret Bendig

Teacher: Margaret Bendig

Please join us for a day of fun stitching with Mr. & Mrs. Freeze. In this class you have the choice of signing up for one or both ornaments of our happy couple. Our day will begin with a brief overview of both sets of instructions and then stitching begins. As we go along all the students will receive instruction for the design of their choice. If you have chosen to purchase both kits, you may decide to work on one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If one ornament is enough for you, lots of progress will be made stitching all day. No wasted stitching time in this class!

This little couple are counted canvas designs worked with specialty threads. These ornaments do not take a lot of time and make wonderful gifts for family and friends. They can be dressed and ready for the first Christmas Party of the year!

Technique: Counted Canvas Design Area: 8" x 8"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $45 (each)
Pre-Work: Yes - For each canvas the prework will take less than an hour and you will be ready to stitch all day. The prework is simple Continental Stitch and will allow you to jump in and get busy right away. 

Kit Contents: 
All threads, canvas, instructions, color photos, needles and postage for the prework.

Student Provides:  Two pairs of 8" Stretcher Bars for each canvas, usual stitching supplies. Light and magnification (optional)

Class Number: 102

Autumn Gold Colorway

Periwinkle Colorway

Prickly Pear Colorway

Class Title:
Beads, Baubles and Bangles
Designed By: Kurdy Biggs

Teacher: Kurdy Biggs

Would you like to create some stitched and wearable art in a day? Beads, baubles and bangles can help you accomplish that goal. We will stitch a cuff and pendant using a variety of stitches that include Crescents, Jessica and Sprats Heads. To make our wearable art shine, we will stitch it with stranded and perle silks along with metallics. Of course there will be beads and crystals added to the finished project because there must be sparkle in jewelry! There are three colorways to entice you into stitching beads, baubles and bangles. A finishing demonstration will show how to finish the 6”x1 3/8“ silver plated flexible cuff and the 3”x2” silver plated pendant.

Technique: Counted canvas stitching and embellishment Design Area: 
Cuff: 6 1/3"x1 3/8" Pendant: 3"x2"
Proficiency Level: Basic--Intermediate Kit Cost: $125
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 
6”x10” Soft Ivory #18 mono canvas, Gloriana or Waterlillies 12 strand silk, Soiee Perlee or Elegance, Accentuate or Kreinik, 4mm crystals, beads, needles, silver plated cuff and pendant, and stitching and finishing instructions.

Student Provides:  10”x 6” stretcher bars and tacks or staples to attach the canvas to stretcher bars. Highlighter and usual stitching supplies including light, laying tool, frame stand or weight and magnifier if needed.

Class Number: 103

Class Title:
Calla Lilies on North Bank Road
Designed By: 
Celeste Chalasani
Teacher: Celeste Chalasani

Calla Lilies flourish in Humboldt County, California. In the Spring, they grow proudly, with large ruffled leaves and tubular flowers. The hillside along North Bank Road is dotted with calla lilies, as if someone painted the landscape for all to enjoy. In this class, you will learn intermediate Stumpwork embroidery while couching wire and using needle lace techniques to create a beautiful calla lily. Your kit includes the hand dyed fabrics, threads and wire for embroidering the flowers and leaves.

Technique: Stumpwork Design Area: 5" x 7"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $45
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 
Instructions, hand dyed silk dupioni, cotton batik fabric, fine silk thread, stranded cotton thread, felt, 33 gauge wrapped wire and needles

Student Provides:  4” and 6” embroidery hoops; 12” x 12” Evertite frame or stretcher bars, OR 10” embroidery hoop; 6” ruler; acid free green felt tip marking pen; acid free glue stick; white tissue paper; straight pins; tweezers; masking or painter’s tape; small sharp scissors; needle threader; and usual stitching supplies. Magnification is highly recommended.

Class Number: 104


Class Title:
Firecracker Needlecase
Designed By: 
Cynthia Hambrick
Teacher: Cynthia Hambrick

A 3-dimensional beaded Firecracker Needlecase adorned with fun drops and Swarovskis. The Firecracker Needle Case will say “America” and “USA”. This delightful project will teach the student shaped tubular peyote, decreasing, and embellishments techniques.

Technique: Shaped Beadwork Design Area: 1" x 4"
Proficiency Level: Beginning-Intermediate Kit Cost: $30
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 
All Delica beads, Swarovskis, embellishments, needles and threads necessary to complete the piece

Student Provides:  Bead mat, lighting and scissors.

Class Number: 105

Class Title:
Canyon Sunset
Designed By: Jeanette Rees

Teacher: Jeanette Rees

This piece is a quick, fun one to stitch.  Canyon Sunset captures an early evening view with bare branches and foliage stitched on top of appliquéd batik fabric.  The class begins with color washing the canvas, on which the student will then do both surface and traditional stitching.  The bare tree branches are surface stitched with overdyed flosses while the foliage is stitched with Wildflowers.   Batik fabric enhances the stitched trees and color washed background. The canvas will be line drawn so there is no pre-work for this class! Canyon Sunset focuses on just a few different stitches along with fabric fusing and can be completed quickly. Creativity is encouraged, as students add their own touches to this stitched sunset.  Color wash paints and brushes will be available for use in class.  This class will give the stitcher all the needed elements to complete the piece at home.

Technique: Traditional and surface stitching with fabric appliqué and color washing Design Area: 9"x7"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $50
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 
Instructions with color photo, line drawn canvas, threads, and materials needed to complete design.

Student Provides:  11” x13" stretcher bars, tacks, laying tool, sharp scissors, frame weight or holder, magnification/light if desired, personal stitching supplies.

Class Number: 106

Class Title:
Sampling of Color
Designed By: 
Jennifer Riefenberg
Teacher: Jennifer Riefenberg

This workshop presents new ways to approach compound stitches and apply new concepts and methods to the painted- or unpainted-canvas. A notebook canvas is used for experimentation and learning of color concepts and color effects. What color combinations can be used, and how to come up with threads and colors for an entirely new look are explored. A unique approach to the painted canvas is presented, expanding the possibilities and options of the same.

I stayed with a minimal number of color choices and threads to stitch the notebook sampler.  Introducing more color choices can lead to disharmony in the sampler as well as lead to confusion.  It is much easier to take on one or two controlled concepts and study those  prior to introducing other, more complex concepts.

You are strongly encouraged to pick and choose your own stitches and colors to complete the canvas. You may also bring some of your own threads for experimentation.  If so, I recommend threads like #4 Kreinik metallic or #8 or #12 perle or similar weights.  Solids, overdyed, or spacedyed threads are welcome.

May you enjoy a new and varied approach to the painted canvas as you expand your lnowledge of color.

Technique: Painted Canvas Embroidery and Color Theory Design Area:  8"x8"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $55
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 
Hand Painted 18 ct Mono Canvas 8” x 8”, Threads (Assortment), Instruction Booklet

Student Provides:  Stretcher bars to match canvas (8” x 8”) – preassembled for class, tacks or staples to attach canvas to stretcher bars, embroidery scissors, magnification, frame weight or stand, other basic stitching supplies.

Class Number 107

Class Title:
Designed By: 
Debbie Rowley
Teacher: Debbie Rowley

Turning corners with border stitches can present a challenge – Cornered is filled with a variety of border stitches that turn inside and outside corners, all stitched with Presencia pearl cottons in varying weights, so no laying of threads! The project is 8” x 10” on 18 ct. white canvas, with a red/white/blue/gold color scheme. Stitches include several types of Jessicas, sprat’s heads, Amadeus, Rhodes, crescents, herringbone, waffles and others.

Technique: Counted Canvas Design Area: 8" x 10"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $100
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: 
Includes several balls of pearl cotton in #5, #8, #12 and #16 weight, along with Presencia metallic floss, canvas and instruction book

Student Provides:  Pair of 14" and 16" Stretcher Bars , usual stitching supplies. Light and magnification (optional)

Class Number: 108

Class Title:
Bright Flowers
Designed By: 
Kim Sanders
Teacher: Kim Sanders

Whether for a special gift or a pretty way to store their own readers, students will stitch a vibrantly colored eyeglass case with easy to use pearl cotton. Emphasis is on mastering several surface embroidery stitches. While the stitches are simple enough for the beginning surface embroiderer, tips on creating smooth satin stitch and adding a new thread invisibly to a line of stitches will benefit the more advanced embroiderer. Kit contains all materials needed to finish the eyeglass case.

The case is stitched with No. 5 pearl cotton on linen twill fabric. Frequently used surface stitches include: French knots, satin, outline and buttonhole stitches. Also included are some less familiar stitches that are easy to execute: closed fly, couching and whipped spider web. Students will have a choice of two color schemes.

Color Options: Pink & Red or Blue & Teal

Technique: Surface Embroidery Design Area: 5 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Proficiency Level: All Kit Cost: $24
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: 
Five #5 pearl cottons, Linen twill fabric with design drawn on, Satin lining for case interior, Interfacing to stiffen case, Two colors of #11 seed beads, Needles, Comprehensive, well-illustrated instructions including detailed information to finish the eyeglass case

Student Provides: White or ivory sewing thread, 4” or 5” hoop, Usual embroidery tools

Class Number: 109

Class Title:
"Indulgence" Earrings
Designed By: 
Amee Sweet McNamara
Teacher: Amee Sweet McNamara

This is a great beginner class for folks who are curious about working with Shibori ribbon. Learn how to manipulate the pleats into elegant curves and then finish with rhinestone cup chain, sequins and a variety of bead embroidery techniques. Students will be encouraged to modify the basic template shape and/or size.

Technique: Bead Embroidery with Shibori Ribbon Design Area: 1 1/2"x3"
Proficiency Level: Basic Kit Cost: $60
Pre-Work: None 

Kit Contents: 
Earring posts will be provided with kits but can be traded for French hooks if desired. Kits will be offered in a variety of color-ways.

Student Provides:  Students should bring good scissors, a surface to work on (such as a beading mat) and any additional light or magnifiers with which they like to work. Project may be completed in class.

S01 Studio Time


When you choose this as your “class,” space will be provided for you to work on your own projects in the company of other stitchers. It’s a great opportunity to work on those UFOs currently lurking in your closet! NOTE: There is no faculty assigned to this class.
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