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(Click HERE to print the Registration Form)


REGISTRATION ON LINE: Complete all appropriate fields on pages 5 and 6 of this form and save to your computer with your information. Email your completed form file to scr2018registrar@gmail.com.  Alternately, this form can printed and filled in manually, and either a scanned or photo copy of the form emailed.

* This form CANNOT be filled in and saved on most iPads - choose another method of submission


REGISTRATION BY MAIL: You may mail your registration form to the registrar.  Response correspondence will be via e-mail unless you choose to have this sent via US Postal Service.


EARLY REGISTRATION: All registrations postmarked on or before July 14, 2017 will be considered First Day registrations.


CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: Every effort will be made to place registrants in their choice of classes. Class assignments will be mailed by October 1, 2017 and will include billing for any remaining registration fees, kit fees, and adjustments. Installment balances must be paid by February 1, 2018. Failure to pay by this date will result in cancellation of class assignments.


CLASS CHANGES: All change requests must be submitted to the registrar in writing/email. Changes requested after April 1, 2018 will incur a $50 Administrative fee. No fee will be assessed for adding classes or meal tickets. All changes are subject to availability and must be completed by May 1, 2018.



1. Participant Cancellation:

a. Cancelling participant must send cancellation notification in writing to scr2018registrar@gmail.com or call (214) 683-6966 to notify of cancellation to come in the mail.  Mailed cancellations should be sent to the registration address below.

    b. Cancellations postmarked on or before:

      i. 60 days prior (April 13, 2018) to the opening of seminar will receive a refund less the nonrefundable registration and non-EGA member fees.

      ii. 30 to 59 days prior (April 14 through May 13, 2018) to the opening of seminar will incur a $100 cancellation fee in addition to nonrefundable registration and non-EGA member fees.

      iii. 0 to 29 days prior (May 14 through June 12) to the opening of the seminar, the seminar executive committee will review within 30 days of the close of seminar.

      a) A full refund, minus the nonrefundable registration and non-EGA member fees, will be given in the event of the death of the registrant or a member of the immediate family, and acts of war regarding the registrant’s reassignment.  Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling.

      b) A partial refund may be granted in the event of serious illness of the registrant or an immediate family member, or a natural disaster preventing the registrant’s attendance.  Consideration in determining the amount of the refund shall be given to the costs incurred by the seminar.

    c. Kits will be distributed or kit fee refunded solely at the discretion of the teacher for cancellations received after April 13, 2018.

    d. No refunds will be considered after 30 days of close of seminar.

2. In the event that SCR EGA cancels a class after students have been assigned and a student chooses not to attend seminar, the seminar fee less the nonrefundable registration and non-EGA member fees will be reimbursed.  Any travel costs the student has incurred are solely the responsibility of the student.

FACILITIES USE POLICY:  Anyone registered for two or more days of classes who does not stay at the designated hotel at the EGA-contracted rate will be charged a one-time facilities use fee of $100, unless alternate arrangements are approved by the seminar chair.  

MEALS: Meal tickets may be purchased for guests and/or volunteers to attend lunches and the banquet. Favors will be distributed at meals upon submission of a meal ticket. Favors for those not attending a meal can be picked up at the information desk after the meal, upon presentation of a meal ticket. Favors will not be mailed.  

MERCHANDISE NIGHT AND STASH SALE EVENT:  Tables are $50 each for these events.  See information in this brochure and sign up on the registration form.   

CLASS SELECTION AND PROFICIENCY LEVELS.  To help you select a class, please be familiar with the following EGA proficiency-level definitions:  

BASIC.  No experience with the technique being taught is necessary.   

INTERMEDIATE:  Knowledge of basic stitches, materials, and their use in the technique being taught is required.  

ADVANCED.  Ability to execute simple and difficult stitches in the technique is required.  The student also should have knowledge of color and design that will allow exploration and creativity.  

ALL LEVELS.  Class is suitable for all levels.





$80.00 - ADDITIONAL FEE FOR NON-EGA MEMBERS DUE WITH REGISTRATION AND NONREFUNDABLE.  (This can be applied to a one-year membership in the Dallas Needlework & Textiles Guild Chapter of EGA.)


FACILITIES FEE: Required for attendees of multi-day classes not staying at the hotel. $100.00


CLASS FEES for 3 FULL DAYS – Each of these 4 options include lunch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and the banquet on Friday:  

3 days of classes- $395.

2 days of classes and 1 day Studio Time - $375.

1 day of class and 2 days Studio Time - $350.

3 days of Studio Time- $330. 

FEE FOR SATURDAY 1-DAY CLASS ONLY:  $200 includes lunch the day of class. If you wish to attend other meals you may purchase additional tickets.


MINI CLASS WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON - $20.  (Does not include any meals or kit fee).


CLASS FEES DO NOT INCLUDE KIT FEES.  After your registration is confirmed, initial registration fees are paid and classes are assigned, you will be notified of kit fees and how to pay them.  Failure to pay kit fees by the due date will result in your registration being cancelled.




1.  You may pay any and all fees by PayPal or check, made out to SCR Seminar 2018. Cash will also be accepted for deposits made during the 2017 SCR Seminar.


2.  If you wish to pay by credit card, you must use PayPal.  If you check the PayPal option on the registration form, you will receive an email invoice and instructions on how to pay.  You must pay this invoice within 10 days of receipt or your registration will be cancelled.



Sue Cathcart, Registrar: EGA- SCR Seminar 2018

6814 Dalhart Lane

Dallas TX 75214


First Day Registration is through July 14, 2017.  General registration begins July 15, 2017.  Not an EGA (Embroiderers’ Guild of America) member?  There is an additional $80 non-refundable fee which may be applied to membership in the Dallas Needlework & Textile Guild Chapter of EGA. 

Questions?  Contact the Registrar at scr2018registrar@gmail.com


June 12-16, 2018




Name ________________________________________ Preferred Name______________________

EGA #___________________ Chapter Name_____________________________________________


City_____________________________________________ State________ Zip_________________

Day Phone (______) _____________________ Night Phone (______) ________________________

Cell Phone (______) ______________________ E-Mail____________________________________

Emergency Info:  Name ________________________________ Relationship__________________

Day Phone (____) ___________ Night Phone (____) ___________Cell Phone (____) ____________

First Time Seminar Attendee?  Yes  /  No       Are you a Chapter or Region Officer?   Yes  /  No

Food Allergies ________________________  Physical Limitations __________________________

Roommate Name __________________________    Do you need a roommate?   Yes  /  No

I release the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc. (EGA), the South Central Region (SCR), and the Dallas Needlework & Textile Guild (DN&TG) from any liability for theft, property damage or personal injury while participating in or attending any or all functions and meetings of EGA SCR Seminar 2018.

Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:___________________

If returning this form electronically, typing in your name indicates you accept conditions.



List your choices below based on the number of class days selected above.  Place a check-mark in the “Angel” column for any class for which you’re willing to be a class angel.

Mini Class: fill in Column A

3-day class: fill in Columns B and C

2-day class w/ studio: fill in Column B and write “studio” in Column C

1-day class w/ studio: fill in Column C and write “studio” in Column B

3 days studio: write “studio” in Columns B and C

Saturday 1-day class: fill in Column C

Choice A B C
Wednesday – Mini Class June 13, 2018 Thursday/Friday – 2 or 3 day class June 14 – 15, 2018 Saturday – 3-day or 1-day class June 16, 2018
Class Name No. Angel Class Name No. Angel Class Name No. Angel

We cannot process your registration form without your initials below.

________   I have read and understand EGA's cancellation policy and facilities use policies.
I understand that the SCR Seminar 2018 facilities fee is $100
________   Your name, chapter, and classes will be published in the Seminar Handbook.  Please initial here if you would like to opt out of this listing.


EGA-SCR Seminar 2018 REGISTRATION FORM PAGE 2 (Please Print)


Name ________________________________________________________ Date_______________
Registration Fee:   Due with Registration Non-Refundable Fee $ 60
Non-EGA Member: Due with Registration  Non-Refundable Fee
Check if you wish to apply to DN&TG membership __________ 
$ 80

Class Fee (based on first class choices) – select one: $________
~ Fee for attending any combination of 3 days of classes or Studio Time
~ Includes 3 lunches and 1 banquet

3-day class
2-day class + 1-day Studio Time
1-day class + 2-day Studio Time
3-day Studio Time


~ Fee for attending Saturday 1-day class only. Includes 1 lunch.
1-day class only
~ Add Mini Class Fee (Wednesday Afternoon) $ 20 $_________

Facility Fee $100 $_________
Required for attendees NOT staying at the Seminar Hotel
(Not required for those taking a 1-day class)

Lunch/Banquet Ticket (for guests or not included in seminar package)

Number per Day(s):  ___Thurs ___ Fri ___ Sat

$40ea $__________

Friday Night Banquet: Number _____

$85ea $__________

Merchandise Night Table
Number of Tables:  _________________
$50 $__________
Stash Sale Table – Full table: $50 / Half-table: $30
Number of Tables:________________   $__________

All registration correspondence will be sent via e-mail. If you prefer to use the US Postal Service, please add $3 $__________

GRAND TOTAL (does NOT include kit fees)
If you must cancel, your class and kit fees will be
refunded per the cancellation policy.

FOR TEACHERS ONLY: Teacher Showcase . . . .FREE . . . . ____ Yes  ____ No

Full Payment is due November 1, 2017, unless paying in installments.

If you wish to pay in installments, you must pay ½ of the total by November 1, 2017. 
The remaining payment is due by February 1, 2018.

Online registrations may be paid via PayPal or check.  If paying by check, your registration will not be considered to be received for class assignment until your check is received. Make your checks payable to SCR Seminar 2018.

I wish to pay in installments

Check here _______

I wish to pay using PayPal

Check here _______

PayPal may be used for credit card payment.  You will receive an invoice, at the email address you provide on your registration form, after we receive your registration.  You must pay within 10 days of receipt of the email or your registration will be cancelled and you will have to start over.

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