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Seminar 2017
Gone Stitchin'

Sugarland, TX
June 7-10, 2017

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June 12-16, 2018

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June 19-22, 2019

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Education Update

Mary Waldsmith, SCR Education Coordinator
Beth Newton, SCR Education Assistant and GCC Coordinator

Registration for 2018 SCR Group Correspondence Courses

Hello Stitchers and Friends,

Due to some issues surrounding the enrollment dates for GCCs last year, your education committee
has decided to bump the dates again. Enrollment will begin at the February Semi-Annual meeting and
continue through Seminar (or just after) in June. That way, there will be 2 face to face functions
where members can register.

I realize it’s very early and right on top of the classes already “in session” so I’m skipping the
voting period this year. Registration forms are available:

Knowing that SCR members really like the new items, we’re offering that, and some encores that made
last year.

With no further ado, here are the classes opening for registration at the Semi-Annual meeting:

1. Avondale by Carol Currier, a new, colorful crewel piece, ($40.00)

is an exploration of a summer garden using basic crewel embroidery stitches in interesting combinations. Students may choose their own color palette from the Appleton Crewel Wool collection if they desire. Although beginner stitches and blocking techniques are reviewed, it is recommended that the student have some experience in crewel embroidery at a beginner level.

Teacher: Carol Currier

Project: A picture or a pillow

Size: Embroidery is 9 1/2 inches tall by 7 inches wide

Color: Student’s choice

Supplies: Approximately $ 75, Linen twill, Appleton Crewel Wool, needles, hoop

Skill Level: Advanced beginner, Intermediate

Prerequisites: Some experience in crewel embroidery at the beginner level is necessary

Time: 6-9 months, 6 meetings

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $40 per student; 52 pages with color scans of stitched piece

2. Noel by Barbara Kershaw, Schwalm Christmas stocking, ($45.00)

This course has been designed to continue your exploration of Schwalm Embroidery. A design of hearts, birds and ribbons comes together to create a beautiful Christmas stocking. This design uses basic surface stitches including coral knots, chain stitch, fishbone stitch, and blanket stitch. You will also create the scallops that Schwalm is known for. In addition, the design includes some interesting filling stitches: rose stitch, cording stitch bars, an eyelet variation, a rose and satin stitch pattern, and a composite stitch using a Marburg and darning stitch. The cuff has a lovely combination of satin stitch and honeycomb stitch as well as a space for a cross stitch name. Add a little sparkle of metallic thread to the name and you have a beautiful Christmas stocking. The design could also be made into a beautiful gift bag. Left-handed instructions are available on request.

Teacher: Barbara Kershaw

Project:Christmas Stocking or gift bag

Size of Project: 9” x 14 ½”

Supplies used: 32-count linen fabric, Coton a Border, DMC floss and metallic thread

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: None

Timeline for course: Six lessons or six months

Text price:$45 – 46 pages with three pages of colour photographs and one 11”x 17” design page.

Estimated cost of supplies: $45 (does not include the finishing materials)

3. Fancy Flowers Temari by Barbara Seuss ($40.00)

A display of beautiful flowers is always welcome. Group these temari with others made in a pastel palette for a lovely decoration for spring in your home. This advanced level course includes patterns for three different temari - Mountain Laurel, Lillies, and Camellia. The Japan Temari Association defines four different levels of difficulty and they designate these as Level 2 (advanced). To be successful, students are required to already be confident with making a round ball with a good surface for stitching and marking simple divisions and a combination 8 division. Students are also required to know basic temari stitching techniques such as starting and stopping, making wrapped bands (an obi), stitching pine needle designs and kiku herringbone, and have a good eye for placement of stitches without measuring.

Teacher: Barbara B. Suess

Type of project: three temari balls

Size: various size balls

Color choices: Colors as shown are given in the text.Students are encouraged to use other colors if they wish.

Supplies used: standard ball making materials, #5 pearl cotton, metallic thread

Skill level: advanced

Prerequisites: students are required to know the skills listed in the course description

Timeline: 6 meetings

Text price: $40 (53 pages with color images)

4. Undulations II by Gail Stafford (Bargello/canvas) ENCORE ($40.00)

This geometric design mixes Bargello with diagonal stitches, box stitches, cross stitches and tied stitches. Stitch one of four quadrants of the design; then rotate the canvas a quarter turn to stitch each of the remaining quadrants.

Undulations II is the remake of a design called Undulations that was taught at a national seminar. The model for the new design is the same as the original design, but Undulations II can be stitched in a variety of color combinations in stranded embroidery cotton or stranded silk or other threads of the stitcher’s choice. Undulations II offers options that allow the stitcher to use motifs, center Bargello patterns, and background stitches that are different from those in the model. If individuals desire, they can use their own original motifs for parts of the design.

Teacher: Gail Stafford

Project: Picture

Size: Design area is 7.5" by 7.5"

Color Choices: Rust/Blue or Rose/ Green or a selection of the stitcher's choice

Supplies: 18 count mono canvas, stranded embroidery cotton or stranded silk or other threads suitable for both horizontal and diagonal stitches on 18 count mono canvas.

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Stitcher must be able to read charts and use compensation

5. More than a Rose by Melinda Sherbring (historical surface) ($40.00)

More Than a Rose is a small piece designed to introduce students to some stitches and raised work techniques used on English sweet bags ca. 1600. The student should be familiar with Tent stitch, able to follow a stitch diagram, and willing to make decisions based on a range of presented alternatives typical of that time period. Students may follow the choices made on the model or test their wings with alternatives. This project is worked on a linen ground with your choice of cotton or silk floss and with gold and silver passing threads, providing a taste of goldwork without a large investment in gold materials. The techniques are a mixture of Tent stitch, surface embroidery, and needlelace. The text shows how to work Plaited Braid, four varieties of Corded Detached Buttonhole, three varieties of Ceylon, Offset Cross, and other more familiar stitches.

Teacher: Melinda Sherbring

Project: Framed Piece

Size:  Approximately 5" x 3.5"

Color Choices: Gold, silver, and three shades each of red, blue, green, and brow

Fabric: 8" x 10" white or off-white linen, 28- to 36-count

Threads: Gold and silver threads (list of non-tarnish alternatives to precious metals is provided); lizerine; choice of cotton floss, spun silk, or flat silk threads

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate

Prerequisites: Familiarity with tent stitch and willingness to make decisions based on presented alternatives

Time: Six lessons scheduled over six to nine months

Fee: $175 per group

Text: $40 per student; 60 pages with color images

Supplies (approximate): About $35 (cotton threads, non-tarnish metal threads, sharing lizerine), or $70 (Soie Ovale, non-tarnish metal threads, sharing lizerine), or $140 (Soie d'Alger, genuine metal threads, own lizerine)

Yes, you can register at the Semi Annual meeting, by mail, or at Seminar.

The specific text fee is shown above, all supplies to be provided by the student. South Central
Region absorbs all shipping and handling costs. National adds shipping and handling to the text fee
in their Lightening Rounds so SCR is a better deal!

A bit differently, SCR will sponsor all classes that get 5 members enrolled. To enroll, please fill
out the registration document (see link) and sent me a check for the text fee sooner than later!
As a reminder: If your chapter wants a different GCC and you can get me 5 paid members, SCR will
sponsor that class, (during this enrollment period) even if it isn’t one of the above choices. You
could even use your education reimbursement monies to pay for the members’ supplies!

For those of you really ambitious stitchers who want to enroll for more than one class, please fill
out a separate check and form for each class. This way if a class doesn’t make I can send you back
the check a lot faster, since I don’t have to get a reimbursement done.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions, and have fun!

Beth Newton
SCR Ass’t Education (GCC Coordinator) 10715 Albury Dr
Houston, TX 77096

To view more details on the classes being offered, visit our EGA National website!

Downloadable Registration Form (*.pdf format)

Contact Beth Newton, Education Assistant and GCC Coordinator for more information.

Click HERE to print a copy to share with your chapter!!





Class Type

Sponsored By

Minimum/ Maximum Students

Kit Available

Teaching Fee Paid By

Supplies Paid By

Shipping Paid By

Enrollment Period

SCR Membership

GCC, original

Chapter or student



Students or Chapter


Students or Chapter


Not required










GCC, National

“Lightning Round”







Changes quarterly

Not required









Not required

Shining Needle

Society, original*

Shining Needle

Teacher’s choice





Per Shining Needle schedule

Not required

Shining Needle

Society, SCR


Teacher’s choice





Per SCR scheduling


Seminar Classes

Region or National

Teacher’s choice





Per Seminar Schedule




Chapter choice

Chapter choice

Students or Chapter

Student or Chapter


Per Chapter

Determined by host chapter

Incentives: For SCR sponsored GCCS ONLY, there are 2 types of incentives.  The student who volunteers to coordinate the group is eligible for text fee reimbursement upon initial mailing of texts.  Students completing the course in the allotted time may request $25.00 reimbursement upon submission of a copy of the teacher’s completion certificate.

*NOTE: Shining Needle Society is an independent operation, not affiliated with EGA.  Participation in the “original” offerings requires registration on the SNS website


Abbreviations used:

                         EGA: Embroiderer’s Guild of America                                      GCC: Group Correspondence Course

                         SCR: South Central Region                                                      ICC: Individual Correspondence Course


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