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Seminar 2017
Gone Stitchin'

Sugarland, TX
June 7-10, 2017

Seminar 2018
GuilDy Treasures
Dallas, TX
June 12-16, 2018

Seminar 2019
Explore the Arts
Rogers, AK
June 19-22, 2019

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Education Update

Mary Waldsmith , SCR Education Coordinator

Education Scholarshiop Application

Starting in 2018, SCR will pay for two lucky SCR members to take an EGA Individual Correspondence Course, Group Correspondence Course, Online Class, or an Extended Study Program.  The purpose of this scholarship is to help advertise EGA classes and increase awareness and participation, by having individuals who take a class also submit an article for publication in the SCR Stitches newsletter. 

Each recipient will receive $200 ($100 upon approval and $100 after submission of their article) to spend towards whatever course they want. The money can go to registration, text, and/or supplies.  Depending on which class a recipient chooses, the scholarship could cover all expenses.  To qualify, each recipient must write a 100- to 200-word article (photos encouraged) for Stitches.  Recipients will be chosen by the Education Chair and her committee.  Articles will be due no later than March 31, 2019.

Applying for a scholarship is easy: just write down a few bits of information like your name, address, what type of course you want to take, and why. The hardest part is keeping your reason to less than 50 words.  You don't need to have a financial hardship to qualify.  Think about what you would like to study and apply for this scholarship.  Who knows, you might be the recipient! 

Applications are due on November 15, 2017 for classes to be taken in 2018.   

CLICK HERE to download the application!


Registration for 2017 SCR Group Correspondence Courses

The Region sponsored GCC is one which SCR chapter members choose and can be taken by individuals from different chapters.  A group leader is chosen from among the registrants and will be responsible for distributing the text; will serve as a liaison between group members and the teacher; will receive the projects from the participants to send to the teacher; and will return the projects to participants following the teacher critique.  For this extra effort, SCR will pay the text and postage fee for that individual.

The following classes are now open for enrollment until Septmeber 30, 2017.

Undulations II by Gail Stafford (Bargellow) $40.00


This geometric design mixes Bargello with diagonal stitches, box stitches, cross stitches, and tied stitches. Stitch one quadrant of the design; then rotate the canvas a quarter turn to stitch each of the remaining quadrants.

Undulations II is the remake of the design, Undulations, that was taught at a national seminar. The model for the new design is the same as the original, but Undulations II can be stitched in a variety of color combinations in stranded embroidery cotton, silk, or other threads of the stitcher's choice. Undulations II offers options that allow the stitcher to use motifs, center Bargello patterns, and background stitches that are different from those in the model. If so desired, individuals can use their own original motifs for parts of the design.

Project: Picture

Size: Design area 7.5" x 7.5"

Supplies: 18-count mono canvas, stranded cotton, silk, or other threads suitable for both horizontal and diagonal stitches on 18-count mono canvas

Color: Rust/blue, rose/green, or stitcher's choice

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Stitcher must be able to read charts and work compensation

Time: Seven lessons, seven months

Text: $40, 51 pages (13 in color), four separate full-color reference sheets.

Approximate Cost of Supplies (2017): $25 for stranded cotton or $60 for silk and specialty threads

Maharaja's Elephant by Mary Long (Canvas) $40.00


This glitzy elephant is a Maharajah's fantasy creature. Perhaps it is a jeweled decoration in a wonderful palace. It could be a toy for the Maharajah's son and heir. Or maybe a Maharajah really can have a brightly colored elephant with gold feet and tusks! Let your imagination loose when choosing your colors and threads.

Although the primary goal of this project is to teach the technique of canvas appliqué by attaching the ear to the elephant, you may complete the project by stitching the ear directly on the canvas ground fabric.

Stitches include tent, rice, eyelet, swirl, alternating Scotch, mosaic, Rhodes, satin, and brick as well as several cross stitches including double, upright, and Smyrnas. The background is a bargello pattern. The decorative border is optional.

Size: 12" x 13" Supplies: 18-count mono canvas, Kreinik 1⁄16" ribbon, cord, and #8 and #12 braid; Watercolours®; Needlepoint Inc. silk; Rainbow Gallery Silk Lamé Braid and Patina®. The primary background thread for the blue elephant is DMC® pearl cotton, and for the red elephant, Vineyard Classic Silk

Color: Student's choice

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: The student should be comfortable using compensation and reading stitch diagrams and charts.

Time: One organizing and five working meetings. Six months, six lessons

Text: $40 per student, 53 pages, with color scans of stitched piece

Approximate Cost of Supplies (2017): $105 for the blue elephant. The use of silk for the background of the red elephant increases this amount by approximately $10.

Snowflake Ball by Denise Harrington Pratt (Counted, 3-D) $35.00


Snowflake Ball is a three-dimensional, beaded needlework piece that is constructed based on one of the Archimedean Solids, a truncated octahedron. However, you don't have to understand geometry to stitch this fun piece.

Students will learn how to use Sticky Fabri-Solvy to transfer the snowflake patterns onto the fabric. Many tips and instructions assist the student in embroidering the snowflake designs using backstitch on cotton fabric. The snowflakes are then embellished with seed beads and bugle beads to make the snowflakes sparkle.

Finally, the student learns how to put all the pieces together to construct and properly stuff a beautiful Snowflake Ball.

Project: Three-dimensional stitched ball

Size: Large ball: 20" circumference; small ball: 18¼" circumference

Supplies: 100% woven cotton fabric, a variety of threads, including DMC or Anchor stranded floss, silk such as Soie Cristale or Waterlilies, metallics such as Gutermann or Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid, bugle and seed beads. Threads must be colorfast.

Color: A blue and white color way and a white color way or student's choice

Skill Level: All levels

Prerequisites: Needlework basics such as threading the needle and hooping fabric

Time: Five months

Text: $35

Approximate Cost of Supplies (2017): $35–$55, depending on thread choices

How Does Your Garden Grow by Carol Peao Currier (Crewel) $35.00


How Does Your Garden Grow? is a study of basic crewel stitches and techniques. The simple design is worked on crewel linen or linen twill in the student's choice of colors.

The course outline includes a brief history of crewel embroidery, descriptions of threads, fabrics, and tools, a stitch glossary useful for other projects, plus washing and blocking instructions.

This piece is designed to appeal to beginner stitchers both young and old; however, the student is encouraged to add or subtract from the design. For example, if a bird is not appealing, the student can put a favorite pet into the embroidery design.

Project: Framed picture or pillow

Size: 6" x 8" but the student may enlarge the design if desired

Supplies: Linen ground fabric, crewel wool

Color: Student's choice

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Time: Six months, seven meetings

Text: $35, includes large color photograph

Approximate Cost of Supplies (2017): $40 or less if supplies are shared

My Favorite Bracelet by Jeanette Carmichael (Beading) $38.00


With its custom fit and silver clasp, My Favorite Bracelet is a time-honored classic bracelet, at home with both casual and formal wear and easily paired with a pearl necklace and earrings. It is made to fit the student's wrist perfectly and is fastened with a sterling silver clasp.

The student will learn about beads and bead finishes, the reinforced square stitch foundation upon which the embellishment beads are attached, and a technique for a looped raised platform atop the foundation providing a dimension of height to the bracelet. Other techniques include various types of bead attachments, the application of filler beads, silver bead caps and spacers, anchor and pivot beads, and two very simple beading knots to end and begin new threads. The Color Choice Challenge allows for choice of beads in colors to coordinate with any wardrobe.

Project: Beaded bracelet

Size: Height: 0.5" Width: 1.375"; Length: to fit wrist

Supplies: Seed and embellishment beads, clasp

Color: To match model or student's choice

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: None

Time: Three months

Text: $38, 55 pages, spiral bound, color photos

Approximate Cost of Supplies (2017): $55–$75, depending on beads selected and the sharing of supplies

To view more details on the classes being offered, visit our EGA National website!

Downloadable Registration Form (*.pdf format)

Contact Beth Newton, Education Assistant for more information.




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